Soma – An ideal pain medication for muscle pulls and spasms

Soma for Muscle PullsSoma known by its generic name carisoprodol is an effective skeletal muscle relaxer. It works between the nerves and brain by blocking the pain sensations. Along with rest and physical therapy, soma is used to treat painful muscle related problems in the body caused by injuries in sports, accidents etc. Soma, when consumed, is broken down into meprobamat, a tranquilizer, in the body. The dose of soma is based on the medical condition and the body’s response to the treatment. This soma drug is taken through the mouth with or without food as directed by the physician and usually used four times a day.

Usage of soma for muscle pains and spasms

Muscle relaxants like soma are recommended for muscle pulls and spasms for a short period to relieve the pain immediately. Hence soma is useful in treating back pain and fibromyalgia which are associated with pain of tense muscles and muscle spasms.

Muscle spasms treated with Soma

Muscle spasms are caused because of a pinched nerve and vice versa. A muscle relaxer works on the central level and causes a tranquilizing effect. Soma is useful in alleviating the discomfort caused because of a pinched nerve. It works by traveling from nerves to the brain through the pain signals. This soma drug should not be taken more than 3 weeks for muscle spasms and dosage of soma would depend on the severity of the condition. To get the complete information on dosages and how to use soma, one can also go to online and check the complete details on the medication. is one such site that has all the complete details on soma and has proved to be the best online pharmacy by customers The drug is a sedative and analgesic. And so, patients are advised to refrain from driving and working on dangerous machinery or any other activity that requires being alert.



Muscle pulls treated with soma

Muscle pull is the stretching and tearing of muscle fibers. It happens because it’s either stretched beyond limits or it’s forced to contract. Muscle pull usually heals with time and takes around 3 – 4 weeks to resolve by itself. If it doesn’t get resolved by itself, then, medications will be prescribed to treat the pain, relax muscles and provide anti-inflammatory medication. In this, the muscle is relaxed using soma for a short term and this will help in relieving severe pain.

How long can one use soma for muscle pulls and spasms?

Soma cannot be used in a long term because of its addictive nature and when overdosage takes place it results in a risky situation which includes problems like difficulty in respiration, drop in blood pressure, uncontrolled eye movements, double vision, coma, seizures and even death. Long term usage leads to certain mood changes, suicide ideation, strange activities and a weird behavioral change. Hence, being used for a small period of time, it is highly recommended to treat all problems related to muscle and skeletal issues caused by injuries by ordering Soma from reputed online pharmacy to get hold of authentic Soma pills at a cheap price. This is because problems with muscle and skeleton are recovered soon with medications like Soma.

Effects of soma on people

When a patient is prescribed with soma the following have been noticed:

  • Muscle relaxation and relief from hypertonia, sedation, analgesia, anxiolysis and somnolence.
  • Carisoprodol is well tolerated and doesn’t seem to have any adverse effects in most of the cases recorded.
  • The most prominent side effects were, a mild to significant euphoria (short lived) or dysphoria.