What is Tramadol and how dangerous is it when abused by sports persons?

Sports persons abusing tramadolTramadol is an opioid pain medication that is often prescribed to persons dealing with recovery from injuries or surgery, and pain experienced from having chronic health problems. As much as the pain med is clinically important, there are many dangers to using it. This is especially so for sports persons as they are more prone to experiencing injuries during playing sports. Taking these pills can become a dangerous practice if it is not done according to the doctor’s instructions. Get to know more about the abuse of Tramadol by sports persons below.

Why is Tramadol abused by sports persons?

Tramadol can be very useful in dealing with pain as it widens the threshold at which an individual experiences pain and also blocks the pain signals from being communicated. The pain med is used more often in those who are athletes or participate in any form of sports as they are highly prone to injuries. The drug helps them to deal with the pain and continued use helps them to recover fully. The use of this painkiller has been found to be more common among cyclists. The pain relief that they get helps them to get through the entire race without feeling any tiredness or fatigue.

Sports persons find it easier to get away with recreational use of Tramadol. Besides, the drug is not yet listed among the banned substances. The problem usually starts when the pain med is prescribed for any injury. After experiencing the pain relief effects, it becomes difficult to stop taking the med as it also builds tolerance and dependence. Eventually, the user becomes addicted to the drug and requires professional help to deal with the problem. Many sports persons abusing Tramadol tend to pop the pills before, during, and after the event. Combining the drug with other substances can make it all the more dangerous.

What happens when Tramadol is abused by athletes?

The abuse of Tramadol by athletes leads to experiencing severe addiction that becomes difficult to over with. The abuser is likely to have symptoms like depression, seizures, anxiety, drowsiness, nausea, headache, difficulty breathing, and even chest pain. Overdosing on Tramadol has become very common and the government is struggling to deal with this epidemic. As problematic as the drug abuse may be, this is a painkiller that continues to be abused and is not yet banned.

How to prevent abuse of Tramadol by athletes?

Tramadol abuse can be prevented to some extent by educating the sports persons prescribed with about the dangers of abusing the medication. The dosage should be as low possible and should not be increased unless it is definitely required for pain relief. The users can be provided with alternate treatment options to deal with the pain. Its use should be discontinued only with the proper dose tapering to prevent the drug from causing any withdrawal symptoms, one of the major reasons for abuse. With the right medical supervision, it is possible to take Tramadol safely.